Perera Elsewhere feat. Gonjasufi

Fans of Jahcoozi singer Sasha Perera’s solo endeavour under the name of Perera Elsewhere have tagged her sound #Doom_folk.

‘ … on Everlast, her solo debut, she mostly abandons the smooth electronica of her past in favour of a gothic atmosphere that actually kind of sounds like it was recorded in a frigid castle, her vocals echoing through chambers of cold stone ‘ Pitchfork

Stream a mix she made for Fader Magazine and read the interview

And check out the post-apocalyptic video for the Giddy  made by the Berlin-based visuals duo Pussykrew.

The song Giddy also features vocals from the inimitable Gonjasufi who can also be heard on Jay-Z’s record ‘Magna Carta’.

Perera Elsewhere – Giddy ft Gonjasufi (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from FoF Music on Vimeo.

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