A poly-rhythmic paradise of liquid harmonics to be poured into the ears …

Jahcoozi’s music is as original as the phonetic imagination of their name. Hailing from the Berlin club scene and its international cohorts in the pre-Internet era of the early noughties, this bass-heavy electronica trio is a creative alliance made up of London-born, Sri Lankan songwriter and front woman Sasha Perera and two beat-freak producers/multi-instrumentalists — Teuton Robot Koch and Tel-Aviv born Oren Gerlitz.

Jahcoozi who are currently signed to Bpitch Control have consistently managed to deliver their own mongrel style of avant-garde yet pop-tinged electronic music.  Having met during a long, coal-fuelled winter in Berlin in 2002 and the trio have been making music together ever since. Songs such as Black Barbie and Fish (released as a debut single in 2003 on WMF Records) gained them early recognition, the latter earning them a spotlight on the cult BBC radio show of the late John Peel. He called it “Beautiful and surreal pop music from the future”. This description still applies today.

In 2005, they were snapped up by Kitty-Yo, the Berlin-based mother label of Peaches and unleashed their Black Barbie picture disc vinyl and their long-awaited, full-length debut album entitled Pure Breed Mongrel.

.The versatility of Jahcoozi’s music and the sheer energy of their live gigs has led them on an unrelenting trail across 5 continents, playing everything from festivals to clubs, raves, squats, galleries, and even impromtu Boombox parties in a Berlin underpass, morphing almost any situation into a people-power style happening and a sonic orgy. Jahcoozi’s live shows come armed with an arsenal of remixes/versions/bootlegs of their own songs as well as other unreleased material they’ve made purely for the love and fun of ripping up the dance floor. Whilst having played shows such as the televised opening of the IFFA Athletics World Cup at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate or the Expo in Shangha, they regularly play at institutions such as Fabric in London, Rex club in Paris, or Montreal’s prestigious Mutek Festival.

With 3 full-length albums (Pure Breed Mongrel, Blitz ‘n’ Ass, and Barefoot Wanderer), an exclusive Japanese album (BLN 4 JPN ), numerous EPs, picture discs, remixes and collaborations to their name, Jahcoozi have worked with a range of labels over the years including Kitty-Yo, Asound/K7, Playhouse, NinjaTune, Citizen Records, Crosstown Rebels, 1965, WMF Records, Hydra etc.

Jahcoozi’s darkest, slowest and most recent album to date Barefoot Wanderer came out in 2010 on Ellen Alien’s Berlin-based imprint Bpitch Control.  Resident Advisor deemed it  “one of the year’s most disturbingly beautiful creations…,” and rightly so.

Press reactions have been univocal:  “Barefoot Wanderer is something you’d probably expect Martina & Tricky to be able to pull off,” “Jahcoozi is far closer to Kraftwerk than Skream,” “…it seems like the ‘D’ in IDM stands for dub,” “King Tubby meets James Blake,” “…Post-Step? Next-Step? These kids are confusing the journalists.” Although it is tempting to engage in a game of association, Jahcoozi appear to have created an unidentifiable flying genre of their very own. The true value of their music can only be gauged by numerous listenings; its strength lies in its depth and intimacy.

Over the years, Jahcoozi have collaborated with and been remixed by a highly-contrasting and refreshingly wide range of artists, including Modeselektor, Anti Pop Consortium’s M.Sayiid, Ramadanman / Pearson Sound, Ikonika, Stereotyp, Asian Dub Foundation, Oliver $, Siriusmo, Kano, Tinchy Stryder, Luomo, Sukh  Knight, Milanese, Mochipet, Kaspar Bjoerke, King Cannibal, Barbara Panther and Kalbata.

Jahcoozi’s geniune love of experimentation has kept them busy and lead them to collaborate in many ways. This is evidenced in their side endeavors (BLNRB) and solo projects (Robot Koch & Perera Elsewhere). Robot Koch recently released his stunning third solo album and has also been busy working on productions for other artists such as Marteria and John Robinson.

Jahcoozi spent a few weeks of in a house in Nairobi, Kenya working on a Goethe-Institut funded Berlin-Nairobi music exchange project that involved 22 Kenyan musicians/mcs/singers, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor and Gebrueder Teichmann.  A collaborative BLNRB album titled ‘Welcome To The Madhouse’was released on Outhere Records in 2011.

A similar collaborative project with South Asian artists titled SoundCamp took place in 2012.
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“Beautiful and surreal… pop music from the future”
JOHN PEEL, BBC (on the Fish Ep in 2003)

“One of the year’s most disturbingly beautiful creations”
RESIDENT ADVISOR (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“Besser als Massive Attack”
DIE TAGESZEITUNG (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“Jahcoozi ist die Art von polyglotter Band ….. wilde Klänge auf die mächtigen Bass-Säulen, auf die ihre Musik sich stützt. Wie ein Wanderer, der nach dem Ende der Welt ohne Schuhe zwischen den Klangresten umhertänzelt. Schön.”
DER SPIEGEL (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“…visceral, gritty sounding, danceable dancehall riddims, glitch-hop, and experimental techno rub up against each other like long-lost pals ..”
PITCHFORK (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“2075. Earth. The metropol club scene will sound like this…”
GROOVEMINE (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“…extraterrestrial bass thumping in the heart of the Jamaican urban landscape, Jahcoozi brings out the best in aspects that Massive Attack and Leftfield built up …….“Lost In The Bass” and “Barefoot Dub” is the best modern day dub prowess since Massive Attack’s Blue Lines”
ZAPTOWN Magazine (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“…music that moves your body, lyrics that stimulate your cerebral cortex …… as effective with the aural mystique and hypnosis perpetuated by Lee “Scratch” Perry and Massive Attack’s Mezzanine as making audiences lose their minds on the dance floor.”
URB Mag (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“atmospheric, digital dubstep all with a sound that encompasses techno, hip-hop, bassline and grime, held together by Sasha’s sharp and smoky lyrical excursions”
CLASH MAGAZINE, UK (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“a glorious product of indefinable genre creations”
URB-NET (on Barefoot Wanderer in 2010)

“The aural equivalent of a Quentin Tarentino film, the listener is lost within its swirling maelstrom of electronic gadgetry & infectious riddims…”
FOXY DIGITALIS (on Blitz n Ass in 2007)

“… their acerbic wit and cultural observation is still as sharp as on Pure Breed Mongrel. ‘Takin’ Your Street’ is the only dirty beat track that links gentrification with skinny jeans cutting off blood supply to your feet!”
FLY GLOBAL MUSIC (on Blitz n Ass in 2007)

“It would make sense to call Jahcoozi’s stuff Grime for Björk fans…. this might please both fans of Aphex Twin and Roots Manuva.”
XLR8R, US (on Pure Breed Mongrel in 2005)

“2005 has brought us a no more focused piece of hip hop satire than Asian Bride Magazine with it’a sing-along Hymen, Hymen better in tact.”
MOJO Magazine, UK (on Pure Breed Mongrel in 2005)

“The band sculpts “illectronic” bliss out of grimy shuffle rhythms, deep and detuned bass lines, and bombastic swaths of vocal attitude”
RESONANCE MAGAZINE, USA (on Pure Breed Mongrel in 2005)

“On the stage, Jahcoozi’s British-Sri Lankan “lioness”, singer / rapper / lyricist booty dancer turns heads with smartly sarcastic lyrics about stereotypes, sex and psychedelics on cult classics like “Fish” and “Black Barbie” while the mightily-dreadlocked Israeli multi-instrumentalist Oren Gerlitz strides the stage providing deep basslines while Robot chops up his razor sharp dancehall-electro in a way reminiscent of friend and fellow “BLN’” icon Modeselektor”
MIXMAG, UK (on Pure Breed Mongrel in 2005)

“One of the most progressive albums of the last few years.”
MUSIKEXPRESS, DE (on Pure Breed Mongrel in 2005)

“Homemade Surrealism”
WIRE MAGAZINE (on a Jahcoozi live show at Marke B in 2003)








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