Impressive album from Berlin’s Jahcoozi outfit, forging a blend of fluoro-ragga, electro and mongrel pop. While not as well known as many of their Berlin counterparts, Jahcoozi are one of those underground acts whose respect from others critically outweighs any commercial success. That may be set to change with ‘Barefoot Wanderer’ their most coherent and slickly developed album to date. From the packaging, glossy black jewel box and monochrome slipcasing, to the techy polished of their tracks, it’s like they’ve just been given a makeover by Massive Attack’s management. ‘Barefoot Dub’ mixes moody dancehall styled vox from Sascha Perrera (sounding so much like Soom-T) to techno-stepping dub scapes and APC’s M. Sayyid adds his cunning vox to a dynamically diffused dancehall riddim on ‘Powerdown Blackout’. Thirsty Ear’s Guillermo Brown adds reverbed vox to the dread-tech blues of ‘Speckles Shine’ and special mention must go to Deadbeat’s mix of ‘Watching You’ which could almost be a remix of Instra:mental/DBridge’s track of the same name, inna darkside Berlin dub style. Fans of Massive Attack, Portishead, Modeselektor or Team Shadetek should get on this.
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Reworks of Jahcoozi from Tayo, LV, Ikonika, Ramadanman, Sterotyp, Milanese, Clickbox, Object Object, Deadbeat, Raw Milk and many more. Diverse, deep and techy styles abound, from the highlights of Object Object and Raw Milk’s exhilarating ‘Barefoot Dub’ remix, to the street swagger of Ramadanman’s, the febrile Soca-Tek shove of LV or Stereotyp’s, and the nightvision synths of Deadbeat’s. You’ll also find more Tech-House variants from Mr. Statik and Clickbox, and a couple of new Jahcoozi jaunts on ‘Hologram Honeys’ and the blunted downbeat ‘Rumours’. Impressive set.
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