A tech-child in the truest sense of the word, Jahcoozi’s Mother Perera has made an exclusive mixtape for Berlin art collective 44Flavours.   Titled ‘ I Hear A New World ‘ ,  it showcases music she loves, which for a change doesn’t include any bleeps, clicks or drones.   100 % man-made, it includes tracks from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Congo, South Africa, Thailand and the U.K. ….

» Cross continental obscurites! the whole mixtape is supposed to be a musicial revelation for those who usually listen to electronic music.. like me! Also the last track is by this freak called Joe Meek and is of the same name… «    M.P.


00.00 :   Bidjoi Sisters _ Chantal
02.50 :  Hedzoleh Sounds _ Ka Ye Oyai (Dont Be In A Hurry)
05.30 : Konono 1 _ Nakobala Lisusu Te
07:40 : Owiny Sigoma Band _ Doyoi Nyago Nam
17.10 : Assase Ase – Ohiani Sua Efir_Ohiani sua efir
21:40 :Zeal Onyia _ Idegbani
23:00 : Amanaz _ Nsunka Lwedo
24:40 : Malombo Jazz Makers _ Sibathathu
27:10 : Ream Daranoi _ Fai Yen
28:30 : Joe Meek and The Blue Men _ I Hear A New World


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