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  DREADLOCK DONATION ALERT !! Are your former dreadlocks lying void of function in a drawer or shoebox somewhere in your house? Are you too emotionally attached to dispose of them ? Do a few of your dreadlocks occasionally detach themselves and fall off  ?  Do you refrain from throwing these dreads away in the hope [...]

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Barefoot Wanderer Remix Compilation / BPitch Control / 13.05.11

Remixes are often functional by nature – and no wonder, since they normally have the enviable task of transporting tracks into the club setting with the greatest amount of energy. Jahcoozi’s “Nearly Naked: Barefoot Wanderer Remixes” prove no exception to this rule. The fifteen tracks of this brand-new remix album skillfully channel the essential elements [...]

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Jahcoozi – Overnight

Trapped in the winter loop with your headphones in the driving seat ? The end sounds a little Phillip Glass and the vox a little King Crimson influenced, Jahcoozi made this tune in November 2008 when they locked themselves in a house Lindow in Brandenburg, E-Germany without and internet connection and made music for a [...]

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