10 Cities // Lagos, Nigeria


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Ten Cities have teamed up 50 DJs, producers and musicians from Berlin, Bristol, Johannesburg, Cairo, Kiev, Lagos, Lisbon, Luanda, Nairobi and Naples enabling them to make music together.

Diamond Version (Alva Noto & Byetone), Rob Smith, Pinch, Vakula, Dubmaster, Dirty Paraffin, Marco Messina, Lucio Aquilina, Gebrueder Teichmann, Octapush, Batida, DJ Sattelite, MC Sacerdote, Jahcoozi, Wura Samba, Oboyega Oyedele, Just A Band are just some of the artists who’ve have been asked to participate.

Here are some pics from the second leg of the project where Pinch, Rob Smith, Andi Teichmann and Sasha Perera spent almost 2 weeks in the studio in Lagos with a variety of Nigerian artists. They also ended up putting on an impromtu 10 Cities street party in the ghetto of Bariga.

The tracks produced in Lagos and the cities will be released on a compilation album format as well as a range of EPs at the end of 2013.


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